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Mostly photos & videos from my life. Sometimes other stuff. I reside in the dream chorus and I'm finding again the spirit & forest.
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    Sparking the Giant Medicinal Forest!

    All plants in this photograph have amazing medicinal properties that heal. From helping nerve damage, to healing broken bones faster. Helping stomach cramps, to helping with acne and even increasing dream recollection. Learn more about each plant by clicking on their links

    Horsetail : Mugwort/Motherwort : Yellow Dock : Cow Parsnip

    PlantsArePeople is a project by photographer & artist Chris Van Wick devoted to re-drawing attention to the thousands of medicinal plants that we pass by everyday. “By creating collages out of the medicinal plants I photograph and providing just enough info on them. I hope to engage more people to take interest in nature and the medicine it has to offer. Whether that’s driving down the freeway, walking on the sidewalk or on a hike.”

    "They’re waiting patiently for us to sing to them their songs."

    Photographer: Van Wack
    Model: Marlena Kellogg

    And suddenly! A Wild Project Appears! 

    My  photography/Plant Medicine project I’ve been toying with in my head over the past 5 months.

    Follow the project!

    I made this piece today. while walking from one end of seattle to the other. ~20miles!!!.  I’m still not done with the basket, but it looks pretty sweet as is. I thought about hanging it in a tree for any soon to be nesting little birdies. :)

    I harvested the willow from the fallen branches of the mighty willow in front of the space needle. I found a field of yarrow like I’ve never seen before… I could have easily harvested a pound without making a dent. and pigeon tail feather power galore everywhere.

    Also, I taught people all weekend long how to make cordage from cedar bark that I harvested off a fallen tree. It was so rewarding to do that instead of the usually violin busking. I met so many people that were interested in what I was doing, I know that I’m going to be doing this every time I’m in the city.

    Now time to take a bath in this yarrow. :)

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