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Mostly photos & videos from my life. Sometimes other stuff. I reside in the dream chorus and I'm finding again the spirit & forest.
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    I walk everywhere. miles and miles everywhere.  It grounds me, for I get to see stuff most people don’t get to, when they’re traveling so fast, to get from sea to sea. 

    I get all the cool feathers, I get all the random weather. The good parts are when I harvest herbs & seed for a new herbal tea! But I do get to see, all the bad parts of society… the fences, pollution and non-sobriety…

    …those swerving cars! Oh god damn those cars! They kill so much and leave such a deep, deep scar. Among everything… especially my friends the animals who I find in the asphalt or not too far.

    Today it was beautiful. A previous owl feather, I found three weeks before.  Laid in the same place I left it, on yet another victim of a car. 

    I grabbed it again and put it in my hair. Walked another mile to give it to a fallen earthly heir, this time a wee little gardener snake, that was left on the ground to bake. 

    So I wrapped around the feather and I sang to it a song. A song for which it gave me & that was 10 minutes long! 

    I continued my journey to the mountain. And watched the sun cool into the big fountain. It was in the worst place on the road, when a giant flight feather was found. It’s the biggest crow I’ve ever seen! Err…it has to be a raven I mean! It’s the size of my forearm and with a rainbow gleam!

    I was almost to my destination, the sky faint with blue and black silhouettes when a car approached coming towards my frustration of a foot wide shoulder or shall we say false security line decoration.

    As the car came closer I briefly saw a small shadow.  It was big enough to know I was in for something… something like a foreshadow! The sound was the worst . my god, oh fuck, oh no! OH NO!

    The bat lay at my feet. with a fast & spastic beating heart beat. “Baby!I said baby oh baybay oh baby I’m sorry! That car didn’t mean it and is gone very very far E” 

    "please live! please live! it’s worth the struggle PLEASE LIVE!" I put it on my notebook and walked, walked to a safer place as I talked. Sang it good songs while it was shocked. The songs I never remember, only feelings I hope it renders, through whatever experience it can take to wherever… and whatever… batty chooses to engender.



    For this experience. I will always remember.

    Just another day playing earth mama and helping pass the trauma.
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